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Blue Zissou provides businesses with activities to reward staff for a job well done and activities to build better teams. We are the first choice because:

Our location is world class, it cannot be matched anywhere else in Mozambique or even the world. Ilha has excellent restaurants, café’s and bars, chic hotels and budget options, all surrounded by tropical paradise sea, remote islands and endless beaches.

Our team are enthusiastic and skilled , it includes two very experienced and qualified adult educators, a bunch of fun loving local facilitators along with cooks and crew to take care of the team’s every need.

Our equipment is in top condition, it includes the biggest and most comfortable traditional sailing boat on the island, plus quality outdoor gear like bikes, kayaks and snorkelling equipment to make your time here adventurous and safe.

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Staff rewards

Rewards are a proven way to reduce staff turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, and drive daily employee performance.

Rewards demonstrate to the best performing individuals or teams that their efforts have been recognised. A carefully considered reward shows just how much employees are valued and can be seen as an investment in the employees’ future with the organisation.

Choosing ‘experiential activities’ as rewards makes great sense. Experiential activities allow participants to do new and exciting things together, creating great stories to share with others. This ‘sharing’ is very important because it reinforces both the value of the reward and the behavior that led to the giving of the reward.


Team building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses – but only if the exercises are planned and carried out strategically. There has to be a real purpose behind your decision to do team building. It might be as simple as giving team members a chance to get to know one another, or it could be about improving the team’s problem-solving or creativity skills, healing divisions between team members, improving communication, building trust, boosting morale or managing change.

We can arrange team building activities for new teams as well as teams that have worked together for years. Either way it will strengthen connections, improve communications and motivate team members to pull together to achieve their best.

Employee healthy lifestyle choices

Companies that recruit personnel from outside the area know how expensive this can be, they also understand that if staff don’t settle in to their new work-life they wont stay around very long.

One step to retaining staff is to support them to make the most of their free time. Instead of staying cooped up indoors, HR can encourage staff to get out and experience the best of what the region has to offer in a socially fun and physically active way. The rewards in terms of personal health and positive attitude when these good habits are adopted have been well documented.

Blue Zissou can help with this by introducing a range of outdoor activities that staff can return to by themselves or with workmates as often as they like. Alternatively we can make an events program, with a weekend away perhaps every 3 months, something all key staff can look forward to.

In Northern Mozambique it’s things like weekends kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, camping on remote islands or simply taking the time to walk along the beach. These are the type of healthy lifestyle choices that clever companies need their valued staff to be making so that they remain productive and stay for the full term of their contract.

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