Africa’s tourism industry now the second fastest growing in the world

Some 67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018, representing a rise of 7% from a year earlier, making Africa the second-fastest growing region when it comes to tourism, after Asia Pacific.   Within Africa the most popular destinations are still Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Tanzania, Botswana etc. But Mozambique is on the ascendency, now competitive thanks to … Continue reading Africa’s tourism industry now the second fastest growing in the world

Building resilience in the face of climate change

For many Mozambican tourism operators 2019 will go on the record as one of the most disappointing years yet. Just when it seemed that tourism was finally beginning to justify all the time and effort that operators had invested, along comes cyclones Idai and Kenneth leaving devastation in their wake. Add to this the unrest … Continue reading Building resilience in the face of climate change

Deloittes were delighted!

All good businesses know how important it is to ‘get out of the office’ in order to find the best direction, set goals and work on strategies for the future. Deloittes Moçambique with Blackslope SA, chose Ilha de Moçambique and Blue Zissou for their recent strategic offsite. Accommodation provided by Feitoria Boutique hotel. Tailor made … Continue reading Deloittes were delighted!

Developing the destination image

It was so good to see the article focusing on Ilha De Mozambique in the latest Skyways inflight magazine. (Airlink. August 2019 edition). However, isn’t it about time we moved away from the tired old ‘land that time forgot’ trope or in this case the ‘out-of-the-way island’ cliché.  I’m not meaning to pick on Airlink, … Continue reading Developing the destination image

Business Intelligence

We’ve received a lot of interest in the idea of creating a BI network to collaborate on tourism information gathering and sharing here in Mozambique. This information or Business Intelligence (B.I.), is what we all need so we can make good strategic business decisions – setting goals, pricing, positioning, when to invest, when to sit … Continue reading Business Intelligence