Blue Zissou was established in 2016 by Pete Allsop and Gail Woods, a British Australian couple. The company was established in Mozambique and now has an Australian registered business based in Alice Springs

The company works with local communities, small tourism operators, NGOs and industry partners to build capacity to attract and service the needs of discerning travellers, along with specialised team building workshops, incentives and other activities tailored to the needs of corporate clients.

It’s very important to remember that Blue Zissou is not just another corporate player, our strength is in our passion and commitment to ensuring the very best experiences for visitors and the people who live in the destinations in which we operate. This commitment has earned the company international recognition.

Gail Woods

Gail Woods is a linguist specialising in Central Australian Indigenous languages.

Gail uses her anthropological training to delve into local culture to form beneficial collaborations and discover better ways of sharing knowledge.


Pete Allsop

Pete Allsop has owned and operated successful tourism businesses in Mozambique, Australia and the UK. Working for NGOs, Government and private enterprise he’s provided product development and operational support to some of Australia’s most famous Indigenous tourism experiences.

Gail and Pete are qualified adult educators with many years experience training and developing businesses in cross-cultural situations. Both share a commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability and see tourism as a way to achieve important development goals. In business they believe in being ethical, forming mutually beneficial collaborations wherever possible and taking seriously what it means to be responsible tourism professionals.


Blue Zissou is based in Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique)
Contact: pete@bluezissou.com / (+258) 841247161 / (+258) 843872168

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