Developing new business in Australia

Transition and change – building local tourism on two continents

Blue Zissou was formed in 2016 to provide founders Pete Allsop and Gail Woods with a managed way to transition away from Ilha Blue, the tour operator they established as a social enterprise in 2012.

Blue Zissou isn’t a tour operator, it doesn’t own equipment or employ guides, instead it has expertise in capacity building, marketing and administration so it can continue to support Ilha Blue and other Mozambican tourism initiatives; enabling them to grow and improving their chance of long-term success.

The creation of Blue Zissou would also free Pete and Gail to return and spend more time in Australia; to pick up where they left off – a long-term plan that had been setback by several cyclones and a very inconvenient global pandemic.

We are pleased to say that this transition has now happened. Blue Zissou Lda continues to support much loved Ilha Blue on Ilha de Mozambique, while newly formed Blue Zissou Australia is beginning to make its mark in Australia’s magnificent Central Desert region.

Blue Zissou Australia already has contracts to provide tourism support work. We will share more information about this very soon. Please stay tuned.

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